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Theater Theory - Brecht

My Groups Theater Theory was Brecht. We selected to different parts from Summer night dream to perform. These to parts were the ending of two different love stories. Just like Brecht would have done it we used our play to give a message out to the audience. Our message was the one of faith. How faith does determine the ending of these love stories, in which one ends in the tragic death of both lovers, and the other one ends in a happy wedding. In one of the endings they kill themselves when they are lead to the believe that the other has died, they died even though they could have had a happy ending. In the other they are not mislead and give each other the rings to symbolize their ever lasting love. To show our play how Brecht would have directed it, we used the breaking of the 4th wall. We needed to show the audience that the actors were not the characters, but were representing them, to get the message of the story across. We did that by telling the audience what is going to happen to the character, by saying things like: "This is how Thisby comes to an end" or "He is going to stab him self now". We would act what the person was going though just like the character would but we made it clear to the audience that that was not what was happening to us. We also broke the 4th wall by reading from the text because the lines we were saying were not our own but the ones of the real character. At the beginning of our play we had somebody explain the meaning of life, death and love to give the audience our idea, and at the end of our play we had somebody explain that we performed the play through Brechts theory and what Brechts theory was, so they would understand our "breaking though the 4th wall". While working on our collaborative project we were planning on having each a different thing to do. My job was it to do costumes and the stage design, we had a director and somebody for the sounds. Although we had our individual work we made all decisions together, ex especially the directing of the scenes. We decided to dress all in black and for staging have posters explaining where we are. In the end we had three very big posters, one saying "The woods", another "Dream" and our biggest "Fairy Land". These all symbolized their own thing. We had the first faith, which was the death between the lovers be a dream, and in between the scene of the ends of the love stories we had Robinson from Summer nights dream talking, which was in the woods. The Fairy Land was where the second love story ending happened. At the end the audience could write on a piece of paper what they thought of our play. Many wrote exactly what we intended to let the audience feel. They wrote words like sadness, love, or deep. They also wrote pain tragedy, or beautiful. We wanted to bring over the message of tragedy and beauty. Of the two different sides, pain or happiness. We knew our play was confusing, and when we were starting to work on it we believed that was one of Brechts characteristics but later we learned that that was wrong, and he did not leave the audience confused with what he presented but what the message was, and what the audience felt. In our feedback from them we learned that many of them were confused with what we presented so that would be a point where we have to improve. Another thing we should have done different was the costumes. We left the characters in only black clothing but that did not give any messages. The black did no t represent anything. We should have dressed the dying lovers in black and the lovers that were getting married in white, to represent the differences. Robin, should have been dressed green to represent life and the fairy world. On the costumes we could have also had big sings saying who we are, just to highlight Brechts point even more.

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