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Today I kept practicing entrances, with more people than last time. We took the scenario of loosing a big tournament. I told them to remember a point in their life in which they lost something big and were very disappointing. The most realistic scene was in which the person tried to act just as they acted when that had really happened to them. You could feel the discomfort and also shame of losing in him. This is teaching me to focus on the realistic response to something.

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Solo Project Aesthetics

What is your Theater Aesthetic? I am in between realism or making it a very dark theatre aesthetic.In other words, when you close your eyes and imagine your solo piece, what comes to mind? Dark lights, sad or angry mood, emotional chaos, main focus on acting. What is the mood or tone?Sad or angry. What does the space look like? Either very empty with the only focus on the acting, or very full and being distracted between acting and stage. How does it make your audience feel?Uncomfortable, as if they are watching something they shouldn’t be watching, disrespecting private sphere.Or shocked and sad. Pityful.

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