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Solo Project explorations

Since I am doing Stanislavsky my partner and I explored the magic if. We gave each other a scenario and practiced entering a room as if that just had happened. The first scenario was you just finished a big school project. When my partner entered the room she was way to exited about that, jumping up and down and getting a high pitched voice. And it was clear that this wasn't something she used her emotional memory too. The next scenario was 'Your boyfriend just broke up with you". When she acted she used a song that reminded her of a similar time to get into the mood and apply her emotional memory better. This time her acting was much more realistic and believable.

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Feedback Theater Presentation Anne Bogart and Viewpoints

To work on:When talking about context talk about things that are relevant. Showing and telling. Connect everything to the theory. (ex.: Vocal viewpoints)Better way to conclude presentation. Analysis of process. impact on student itself Assume the grader doesn't know youpractice, rambling Doing good:Context of theoristresponse to feedback kept coming back to viewpoints Confident & informal tone

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