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What specific contributions did you make to this piece, both in developing the piece and in the fina

My contribution to the play was mostly helping getting ideas and brainstorming how we want out play to look like. It was my idea to have a silent scene on the play and how to outline the flashbacks we will be showing in the play. I also helped formulating the script through improvising what my character should say in the scenes.

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Collaborative Project Ophelia

1. What is your scene about?2. Title?3. Describe the processOur Collaborative project is Ophelia's life in the modern world is she would have not killed herself. She is in a psych wart feeling like she is a small cage caught between writing letters to her dead brother and a therapist who is trying to explain to her her brothers death. Ophelia believes her brother killed himself banning from her head the actual cause of her brothers death. She was the one who killed him and when she finally remembers she can't take the truth and kills her self.A potential title for the play could be "Letters to the After Life". We have decided what the scenes are going to be about and improvised the scenes with the therapist. This gave us a lot of idea. We now need to finish writing the script.

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