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Last class we watched a Play in which two fresh married couples are on the same honeymoon and find out that each others ex is there, and fall in love all over again. The costumes of the play were mostly elegant and seemed to be from the sixties. The men would wear suits at all time besides one scene where the two exes are in the bedroom together. The women wear long dress that are tight to their bodies. The play is funny and there is allot going on. Somebody is always screaming, laughing or crying, and every character has his own characteristic, as for one who has a lot of energy and seems like she is read for any adventure while the other seems more like she needs a man to guide her through life. All of this you cannot only see on the text but the way they speak and act on stage. The stage is very realistic and has a lot going on. It can also turn from one side to the other presenting a total different staging. The first stage is made as two balconies of a Holiday apartment while the other is made as big living room with office. The colors of the staging is also giving the mood. While the first stage with its purple and lighter colors remind you of break, beach and sunset, the other room reminds you of chaos and stress with its green.

29.11.15 20:46


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